FOSSCOMM: Free and Open Source COMMunity in India

July 12, 2009

FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) activists are getting together to promote the awareness, influence Govt policy, defend the software freedom, bring in changes in IT education curriculum,  work towards free information infrastructure.  Read the principles that brought together several groups into action.

The network is taking shape at One of the first tasks the network will be working is to get the open standards policy document for eGovernance in India approved without yielding to those groups who promote the interests of proprietary software groups (like NASSCOM, MAIT, who are influencing the Indian Govt to make room for RAND and multiple standards).  Currently, the apex committee does not contain members who represent the FOSS community.  Therefore one of the immediate objectives of the new network of FOSS advocates is to request the Govt to include FOSS representatives in the apex body.


8 Responses to “FOSSCOMM: Free and Open Source COMMunity in India”

  1. This is a great initiative by FOSSCOMM.

    DeepRoot Linux supports this initiative whole heartedly. The Government is the primary decision making authority and they should be very cautious in espousing standards and policies. Their implicit (and many a time explicit) support towards proprietary software doesn’t augur well for the end-user in the long run.

    We need to educate (if need be) the Government and its policies towards being technology neutral. Rather they should be strongly pro-FOSS.

    We are with you on this.

  2. g.t.rao Says:

    Greetings all

    join with foss yatra in rajasthan.


  3. aman Says:

    can i get more news about FOSS in 2011

  4. We are glad to inform you that we are conducting a Developers’ Conference in association with ICFOSS as a part of Excel 2013, the national level techno-managerial festival of Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi. The conference aims to bring together the ideal minds at a common platform and share about their contribution or interesting attributes in Open Source Software Technologies.

    Event Details:
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    As a part DevCon’13, 4 professional speakers (presently non-college students) and 2 student speakers (college students) will be shortlisted from the entries that we receive by the Advisory Board.
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    Jishnu V Nair
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