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I am a science educationist in Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai, India. I did M.Sc. in Biology and M.A. in Philosophy from Delhi University, and Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science from IIT Kanpur. I am currently carrying out research and development in the area of structure and dynamics of knowledge, an inter-disciplinary domain covering the issues in cognitive science, epistemology, and computer science. Some of my areas of interest are semantic web, knowledge organization, AI, philosophy of science, biological roots of knowledge and modeling complex systems with specific interest in cognitive development. I am the author of a specification and implementation of a distributed knowledge base called GNOWSYS (http://www.gnu.org/software/gnowsys/), and an architect of gnowledge.org, a community portal, which is launched on 2nd February 2007. I spend my spare time promoting free knowledge and free software and serve as the chairperson of Free Software Foundation of India. I am currently guiding two research scholars in the area of biology education at HBCSE, TIFR. I teach graduate courses there in the area of History and Philosophy of Science, and Cognitive Development. I spent two years in the development of SELF Platform.  Current engagements: gnowsys, gnowsys-mode, gnome-gn0wser, building the surface map of knowledge, writing neighbourhood theory of meaning.

And last but not the least I am a practicing gnowgi, and my struggle is to explore ways of bridging the gap between understanding and belief.  In other words, I am exploring ways to answer the question:  why even after developing a clear understanding several scholars do not develop ontological commitment.

You can read my views on issues from the main page of this site, and some of my publications from here.

To know why I coined this term ‘gnowgi’ and use it for this space, an introduction to few other such terms that I coined or use already coined terms will help.
gnowledge: (as defined by me, but this terms was used by others as well.)
gnowledge is that part of knowledge which an agent has no restriction to encode, decode, re-encode, re-decode, re-produce, and inherit.
gnoware is technology or software that an agent has no restriction to repair, encode or fabricate, decode or deconstruct, re-encode or re-fabricate, re-decode, re-produce, and inherit.
when used as a verb, to gnow is to create a gnowable resource, to share knowledge.
an agent who participates in the act of gnowing.
pronounced in rhyme with ‘browser’, is a tool to browse, and manage gnowledge base. This is also the name of the Semantic Desktop based on GNOWSYS.
is gnowledge jargon.
pronounced in rhyme with yogi, is a person who not only does gnowing, but also preaches gnowing, uses exclusively gnoware and produces gnowledge.

11 Responses to “About …”

  1. Mahim Singh Says:

    Hi boss,

    I am a journalist with The Hindu. Extremely interested in the open source movement. Did my masters in Sociology from JNU and authored a paper on the sociology of the Open Source Movement. can I submit it to the IFOSSLR? If yes, How? Would you like to read it? Is there any other channel through which it can be published?

    Please Reply: deffleppard@gmail.com

    P.S. I use Dynebolic….Love it.

  2. […] Siehe auch den Artikel von Michael Baumwens: Proprietary software is a black hole of knowledge universe: Why all knowledge should be free. Excerpt from a longer text by Nagarjuna. […]

  3. harriet Says:

    Had gnow idea that we have been interacting and working with a gnowgi all these months!

  4. arun Says:

    hi sir ,
    i m arun i was working as linux admin …i was huge fan of gnu/linux os i really impress a lot your articles i become a regular reader of u r web page (http://www.gnowledge.org/ & gnowgi.org ) i read n read a lot of u r articles on GNOWSYS sir u r a role model for many Indians .

  5. gaurav Jain Says:

    hi ‘Gnowgi’,
    i m not sure that my reply to ur comment would reach you or not so lemme post the same comment on ur blog as well…

    first of all, thanks for ur comment ( on tajmahal trip on trek) and….
    apologies for such a delayed response, probably i missed the notification.
    i thought that putting the date on the photograph should solve the purpose but now i notice that it’s not that conspicuous.
    so here’s the details: i rode till agra on 2nd Oct, saw the taj on 3rd n rode back to delhi the next day on my Trek 3500 !
    if i had read ur post earlier, i would have tried to catch up with a science educationist when i came to Mumbai a mnth ago (yeh..on my trek!).

  6. Aahit Gaba Says:

    I’m Working as an Open Source Attorney in India and providing OSS compliance management solutions to Indian Customer. If I would be any help, please feel free to write to me @ (aahit8@gmail.com)

  7. Hi Gnowgi,
    I am a journalist a technology media. Extremely interested in the open source movement.

  8. Swasti Dhar Says:

    Dear Dr Nagarjuna,

    I came across your work last year as I was researching for literature for my doctoral thesis on using Mind Maps for teaching English. In this context, I came across Meena Kharatmal’s work and through her to you.

    I would like to request you to kindly go through my research tools and provide your expert comment so that I can validate the tools for my research.

    Please let me know if you would be willing and if so, how may I get in touch with you.

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