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Maharashtra Govt’s MoU with Microsoft

August 19, 2009

Most Indian news papers and agencies reported today regarding the MoU signed by MS and Maharashtra state Govt.  The details of the agreement does give clear indication of how education, particularly IT education in Maharashtra, will be sold out.  See one of the reports.

Govt may be thinking that MS is helping the state.  While the fact is that the state is helping MS.  How dumb can the administration be to let the education system traded off.

What right a Government has to get into this kind of exclusive agreements with commercial entities for something as primary as education? All civil organizations must get together to stop this kinds of MoU forever. They should be legally banned. Wake up the justice department! Why do we need to help MS become monopoly? How can academic topics be decided by commercial companies? How can the syllabus include brands.  Let us raise our voice against this. This must stop.

I will write a detailed blog pointing out why this is unjustified and quite possibly illegal.

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