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No offline option to seek interview to get US Visa from India

October 17, 2009

This is an update on my open letter sent to the Ambassador/Consulate of USA in India, and the VFS office complaining that their site is not interoperable and does not work with Mozilla Firefox. I received no reply for two weeks, then I sent another reminder email, to which they replied saying: “There is no other alternative.”  Considering this I reiterate my protest and will not honour any invitation from USA till they commit to rectify and make it interoperable so that free software users are not forced to use proprietary software.

Meanwhile, I reactivated my application to try again and discovered that the site does not work with Mozilla Firefox but manages to work with Konqueror.  The fields in the application however are misaligned in most places.  It is difficult to say without further investigation whether this is due to bad coding on the server side or on the browser side.  I could not test it through the process since no date before 21st of October 2009 is possible even under emergency category, therefore I gave up.

Free software users are increasing in number all over the world.  Unless such roadblocks are cleared we cannot build a greener digital environment. Fight for freedom even if it is expensive!

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