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Free network infrastructure for free knowledge and free software in Mumbai

April 12, 2007

GNU/Linux user’s group of Mumbai made a free wireless mesh at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR. Though we are late in setting up of the wireless mesh, which was due for over an year, we finally got a working free information network. We intend to create a community network in Mumbai that will spread from place to place to create a citywide people’s network. People can use this network to publish useful content. To begin with it will serve all of wikipedia through the protal and lots and lots of useful free software for enabling the community.

People anywhere in India or other places are invited to look at our community network, and replicate it to other parts of the world. We will periodically conduct workshops at the request of the community and will transfer the technology. We also request others to develop the skills and take it to every corner of the country, or rather every corner of the world.

For the time being we will discuss all issues in the GNU/Linux user’s group mailing list. Requests to conduct free wireless mesh workshops can be sent to this mailing list. We invite voluntary organizations, colleges, schools particularly in small towns to take special interest in taking full advantage of this technology.

Thanks to WSFII for motivating me to take interest in free network, particularly Saul, Fred, and Julian, who donated the routers for this initial setup, and of course more important transfered the technology. The entire freifunk team deserves a special thanks.

Thanks to all the volunteers from the GNU/Linux user’s group who helped in setting this up.

We will document the progress at

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