cycling in Mumbai

June 23, 2011

I used to commute daily to my office near Anushakti Nagar from my home, TIFR colony at Navy Nagar, Colaba, by local train using the harbour line (from CST to Mankhurd and return). This happened for the last 15 years. One day, on May 2nd 2011, I went to a cycle shop and purchased a hybrid citi cycle (Trek 7100). From that day till today, except when I wasn’t in the city, commuting daily to my office. The track is about 26km or 23km depending on which route I take. I am covering this distance within 1:15min with an average speed of 19km/hour without much effort.

Cycling track TIFR colaba to Homi Bhabha Centre Mankhurd

Cycling track TIFR colaba to Homi Bhabha Centre Mankhurd

The picture is one of the routes I use for my commute.

What I realised from this experience is that Mumbai is a flat city. The change in altitude in my entire stretch of 26km is only 60meters. This makes the city an eminent place to commute by cycles. I did it in the hottest month of May, and also during the rains. Cycling in the rains is certainly less tiring than the humid and hot weather of Mumbai. Having tested my endurance in both the hottest and wettest weathers, I am hoping to continue to the rest of my life cycling.

I will write once in a while my experiences.ย  Happy cycling!


14 Responses to “cycling in Mumbai”

  1. Joseph Thomas Says:

    Really a good example to follow.
    Cycling is cheaper, energy saving, time saving in Mumbai at least, healthier, both physical and mental.
    I think I started liking and respecting you more than before when I liked you for your love for Software Freedom.

  2. punchagan Says:

    Great! Wish you a lot of Happy Cycling!

    I think cycling also gives a feeling of Freedom, which is similar to what we get when using Free Software.

  3. Sosha Says:

    Really? Wow!

    But would you be in a mess once you reach office after all the cycling? I love to cycle, but can’t find myself to even think about cycling to work.

    Don’t you think Mumbai is too hot and humid (even when its not summer) to cycle?

    • gnowgi Says:

      Well, indeed! the T and shorts will be soaked in sweat. No issues! I take a shower after reaching office, and if I ran through muddy waters in the rain I give the cycle also a shower before parking. It gives me the much needed physical exercise. At the end I am happy!

  4. Debarshi Ray Says:

    Do you generally use the roads while cycling or the pavements? Or have they put up cycling tracks in parts of your route?

  5. gnowgi Says:

    I use the roads, usually the left side of it. Not a single road in Mumbai has a cycle track. Unless the number of people who cycle increase, even if we demand they are not going to hear. Hope more people join on the roads, then hopefully in the near future we will have cycle tracks.

  6. Mayuresh Kathe Says:

    cool stuff ๐Ÿ™‚
    i guess the bicycling movement is getting stronger in bombay. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. way to go sir i am following it up i am waiting up to get one for myself…

  8. rajesh Says:

    did you lose any weight? i want to take up cycling for loosing weight !!

  9. Premanand Says:

    Hello Nagarjun, I stumbled upon your blog whilst searching for average cycle speed in Mumbai. The reason I was doing this is because I am serious considering using cycle for my daily office commute (Dahisar E to Hiranandani Powai, about 22 kms).

    Are you still using your cycle for the daily office commute? Did you have any serious (or even not so serious) injuries because of cycling? By this I do not mean injuries by accident. I mean injuries because of the daily strain of riding. Or au contraire you are feeling happy and strong because of the daily workout?

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